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About Us
<Beverly Skillz> is a raiding guild on EU-Ravencrest (A).

The guild was founded in Wrath and has raided at one level or another throughout its history. We believe that a relaxed social atmosphere and good progression are not mutually exclusive, and strive to create smooth, enjoyable raids without a multitude of rules to shackle players in place.

What we value in members is maturity, common sense, and the ability to play well with others to achieve a common goal. While we don't aim to be at the cutting edge of raid progression, we do want to kill as many mythic bosses as possible while they are still current content. As such we are also looking for players who are highly motivated to raid and are constantly seeking to improve. That means you should have a good and up-to-date understanding of your class and the ability to adapt to and perform well in all raid situations.

More information about how the guild is run can be found in the Guild Rules post.

Interested in joining us? Have any questions? Feel free to contact any of the following people:
  • Jörnäs (GM) Svennen1#2907
  • Laxyz (Officer)
  • Daevva (Officer)