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Stryer / Mar 25, 2015
Ze German Twins and Flamebender went down last reset, and Gruul fell early on our Wednesday Raid. It feels really good to have some decent progress at last!

As we move on to the harder bosses of the tier, we are still looking to fill a few spots on our roster, mainly a Healer and a couple of DPS. Check the panel on the left for our current recruitment needs.

Hans and Franz [Video (Disc PoV)]

Flamebender [Video (Disc PoV)]

Gruul [Video (Disc PoV)]
Stryer / Mar 19, 2015
It's been a looooong time since the last update!

After being plagued by roster issues since the beginning of BRF, we have finally gotten back on our feet and killed 2 Mythic bosses on Tuesday. A smooth farm run on Wednesday also saw us clearing all of Heroic and Mythic Oregorger, setting up nicely for more Mythic kills on the remaining two raids this week. Thank you to everyone who stuck around despite the difficulties we had and good job on those kills!

We are still looking for a few players to round out our roster and ensure stability going forward. In particular, we are looking for:
  • 1 Tank, preferably a Brewmaster or Prot Paladin
  • 1-2 Healers, especially a Holy Paladin
  • Excellent Ranged and Melee DPS
Whisper an officer in-game for more details or simply make an application through the website! Remember, we are looking for GOOD players above all else and even if your class is not listed as “high priority” we will still be very interested in you if you show us that you can play to a very high level.

Screenshots of recent kills below:

Oregorger [Video (Disc PoV)]

Beastlord Darmac [Video (Disc PoV)]

Istariel / Aug 25, 2014
Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar 25-man is cleared!

After two months devoted to recruiting the best players we could find and building a strong 25-man team, we're finally back here in the Stormwind Harbor, looking down on the filthy, corrupted orc lying on the ground defeated!

This is the best reward we could get for all the hard work and patience everyone in the guild have put into the process of expanding our raid team. This is the point where we can finally say with full conviction that we're now officially a 25-man raiding guild.

This is also the point where we, officers, thank you all for the patience and understanding during all the time when we were expanding and raiding 10-mans with over 20 people on the roster :) It paid off in the end!

We're done here, in Heroic SoO, and ready for the next challenge!

Stryer / Jul 15, 2014
Opening recruitment for 25-man raiding in preparation for Mythic! We are looking for DPS and a couple of healers. Most classes/specs are considered at the moment.

We will continue trialing recruits in 10-man to make sure we have a solid roster when we convert to 25-man, instead of recruiting quickly and starting 25-man with untested and inexperienced players.

We are awesome so what are you waiting for? ;)