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Hello and welcome! In this post we'll be covering a few simple rules that apply to the people in the guild and how the guild is run.

1. Be nice

We're all playing to have fun, so respect your fellow players. Don't act like a douche towards your fellow guild members nor to other people in game that could potentially put the guild in a bad situation.

If you are unhappy about something/someone, take it up with the officers. We'll talk it over with all parties involved and resolve matters as peacefully and fairly as possible. People who start any form of drama, for whatever reason, will be dealt with severely.

2. Sign up and Show up

Our Raid Times are Wednesdays, Sundays and Tuesdays 20:00-23:00 (CET), Invites start at 19:45 so be online at that time. If you can't come for any reason, please inform an officer as early as possible.

Signing up for raids is done via the in-game calendar. You need to sign up at least 24 hours before raid. If signed as "tentative" or "declined" you MUST make a post on the AFK Forums on the website to explain the absence. Failure to do so will incur an EP penalty under the EPGP system (see Loot Rules below).

3. Always come prepared

Read up tactics for bosses that we are progressing on/you haven't done. Bring your A-game to raids. Flasks and feasts are distributed from the Guild Bank at the start of each raid.

6.1 update: 125 stat food is required for progression/harder farm bosses, and it is your personal responsibility to make sure you are sufficiently stocked on those before the raid.

4. Rotational System

We run with a roster of ~25 people for 20-man. This is to make sure that we always have enough raiders to get a raid going even if a few people can't make it.

However, it also means that some times some people will have to stand down. To make it as fair as possible, we keep track of who stood down at what time so that everyone has equal opportunities to raid. Officers and the GM are treated equally in this rotational system. Do take note that missing a raid does not count as "standing down" as you could not have come anyway.

Important exception: For progression, we will strive to take the best available setup (better player, better geared, better suited class etc.), so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

5. Trial period

Trials start out at the "Scrub" rank. The trial lasts for around 2 weeks, depending on how well you do. If we are satisfied with your performance, you will be promoted to a full member.

The trial period is for us to get to know you and vice versa. If we feel there is room for improvement, we will give you the relevant feedback so you can act on it in future raids.

6. Loot Rules (subject to change in Mythic raids)

We use EPGP to give out loot. You can read about it on its official website. More information is also available in a post on the guild forums (viewable by members only).

Exception: Guaranteed-drop mounts (e.g. from heroic Garrosh) are rolled on but prioritised for players who participated in progression on the boss. Players recruited after progression will be placed on a "Queue" based on time of promotion to Member. Random-drop mounts are rolled on.

7. Guild Bank

Mats stored in the Guild Bank can be bought by guild members at half of the current AH buyout (or given out free of charge in special cases). Just ask an officer in-game if you need anything.

The guild repair feature is available for Member ranks and above but ONLY DURING RAIDS. Misuse of guild repair will result in suspension of the privileges via demotion.

Finally, what is your favourite ice cream flavor? Please include your answer to this question on your application! (To show us that you have actually read the whole thing)
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